Greetings and welcome to Ängsgården System. Our range of products for the trucking industry is well known, well tested and well recieved by the people who use them. Every day our products contribute to a safer working enviroment for the drivers while making time-consuming and annoying work steps more effortless.

While we take pride in our products and their high quality, sadly, we can’t say the same about our finnish.


Spring loaded arms at the sides cover and uncover with custom made tarps. Operated by hand crank, electrical or hydraulic motor.


One of the simplest ways available to cover your cargo for hook loaders and trailers.


A simple bolt-on solution to cover a number of different things such as tipper trucks and containers.

Hand Tarps

We decided to set a new standard for those who still prefer traditional hand tarps by using the same strong mesh as in the rest of our product range.

These are just a few of our popular sheeting systems.
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