Enkel manuell täckning för containrar, manövreras från marknivå

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LiteCover® 100 % Secure sheeting system (patented)

Perks of the system

  • 0 accidents by covering the skip
  • 1 system per truck
  • 0 expenses linked to maintenance
  • The cheapest Secure Sheeting System in the market

Advantages of the system

  • Simple, efficient and quick handling → Increase your productivity
  • 1 Ultra-light net can be installed in less than 3 minutes
  • Can be adapted to all types of hook-lift skips: from 7 to 45m³

Characteristics of the system

  • High Resistance polyethylene net: a 35 m3 LiteCover® net weights only 6 kg.
  • Unique design: protected elastic cord, easy to find mark, handling straps and eyelets.
  • The implantation of the system goes hand to hand with training & follow-up of its use every six months on site.
  • Custom-made dimensions possible upon demand

Training and implantation

A change management team travels all over Europe to help you adopt the LiteCover system in your company.

Description and background

LiteCover® is a 100% secure sheeting system that allows its user to cover the skip while on the ground. The goal being to avoid every possible risk of accident, thanks to the LiteCover System drivers can work in complete safety.

Quick to install, the sheeting can be done in less than 3 minutes.

LiteCover® system meets the criteria of both, national and private health and safety institutions, since its recommended installation method is designed to respect the most basic security measures and stances, which have been calculated to reduce the risk of work accidents as well as occupational-related diseases.

LiteCover® system is composed by:

  • 1 net per truck and 1 for trailer.
  • 1 kit of accessories necessary for its use: 1 pole, 1 rod, 1 handle, that allow deploying the net easily over the waste.
  • 1 installation kit to fix the system to the truck
  • 1 training session
  • A LiteCover® repair kit

The LiteCover® special net is made of a very high resistance PE, UV-stabilized. It slides flawlessly over the waste, which allows also covering overloaded skips.

Thanks to its lightweight, covering the skip becomes an effortless task even by rain or snow.

LiteCover® key figures

  • 3000 systems sold in Europe since 2016,
  • Customer satisfaction rate
  • 0 falls from skips in 100% of cases
  • Only 1 hour training

Training video

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